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The firm was established in 1930 in the town of Targovishe by Bonyo Dimov as “Dimov Bros” factory.
Initially it produced milling consumables, mainly brushes for plansichter, axes for Cylindrical Rolls machines etc.
At a later stage the production was diversified and included parts out of rubber, plastics, textile, glass, polyacrilic sheets and other products.

Today the firm “Nimrod KLA-MI” is managed by Stephan Dimov, and has preserved its old range of production, namely the manufacturing of brushes, flexible joints, filters, glass cylinders, Rubber brush and other products for which there is a demand in Bulgaria and its neighboring countries.
The manufacturing range has been expanded and now it includes the most up- to -date brushes for plansichter and Super Maize meal as well as a variety of cleaning elements – frame for plansichters, wire sieves for them as well as elevating buckets of Different sizes both metal and plastic.
We also produce some licensed goods for Turkey, Russia and the Czech Republic.
All information, which could be of interest to you is on our Internet site.

Our firm has trade relations with several countries – Turkey, the Czech Republic, Greece, Slovakia, Macedonia and Serbia.
We intend to offer our range of products on the Ukrainian and the Moldovian markets.

Apart from the produvtion of parts for milling machines and equipment from the Czech Republic and Poland.
The firm can produce also other samples.